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4 Fitness fads you should scrap from your routine

Does losing 5 kilograms of fat in a 1-week workout plan sound appealing to you? You are not alone.

Fitness fads constantly come and go and the key to picking a programme that works is to bone up on proven facts so you can avoid potentially harmful advice. Here are some of the fads you should scrap from your routine.

Fat removal treatments and other band-aid solutions

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Slimming treatments that involve sculpting your thighs, waist, or hips seem magical, don’t they? No long hours on a treadmill or at the weight machines involved. These are advertised with catchy names such as “cellulite-busters,” “body sculptors,” “body shapers,” and the like, and are often marketed as painless and non-invasive.

However, a study reveals that fat removal treatments do not significantly impact fat loss. And people who do lose a significant amount of weight usually end up regaining it soon after. More often than not, procedures that involve tucking, sucking, or freezing fat are just band-aid solutions that work for a very short amount of time, and they’re not necessarily healthy for your body.

Eat-only-this, extreme diets

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Most fad diets swear they can help you lose weight in the shortest possible time. Some notable examples include the Military Diet, which promises to help you lose 10 pounds in one week; the 30 Bananas a Day Diet by self-proclaimed diet guru and YouTuber Freelee; and numerous cleansing diets that guarantee to rid your body of toxins and shed you a few pounds.

A healthy diet, consisting of lean proteins, green leafy vegetables, whole grains, healthy fats, and little-to-no processed foods is critical in keeping you nourished and achieving your fitness goals. Neglecting one or several of these food groups deprives your body of all the nutrients it needs to function. Moreover, it leads to feelings of deprivation or discouragement, which could force you into going back to previous unhealthy eating habits.

Single-equipment exercises with exaggerated claims

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Ab belts, vibrator platforms, toning shoes, waist trainers, and similar equipment and accessories guarantee results with very minimal effort. Compelling advertising is key in selling them and manufacturers succeed by promising simple movements, ease of use, and sleek-looking equipment. Many of them, however, have exaggerated claims and have been proven to be ineffective, which is why they have now faded from memory.

Push-ups, squats, planks, and other bodyweight exercises are simple routines that are far from being fads. But that’s what makes them so great — they don’t need to rely on a single piece of equipment to give you the perfect physique.

Cocktails with cardio: pick one, not both

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Studies show that alcohol and exercise don’t mix, and yet open bar gyms, which offer both exercise facilities and alcohol, continue to gain in popularity. Although the idea seems to have originated in the US, we do not have one in Ireland yet. But we have many pubs, so we thought we’d mention it!

If you’re building strength and stamina, know that drinking alcohol before, during, or after an exercise impairs muscle growth and recovery. And because many types of alcohol contain empty calories and have no nutritional value, pre- or post-workout alcohol intake can hamper your weightloss goals. Before you join an open bar gym, consider these vital facts about alcohol and decide whether you want to get fit or get tipsy.

So how can you determine a fitness fad? Here are some surefire signs:

Whether you want to lose weight or pack on the pounds, getting into your desired shape takes several weeks, months or even years of consistent exercise and healthful eating. Workouts that claim immediate results and minimal effort are likely a sham.

Also, be wary of aggressively marketed fitness products that offer “the latest breakthrough” in fitness but aren’t backed by scientific evidence. In many cases, regulatory authorities need to intervene to ensure medicines and supplements, exercise machines, and similar health & fitness products are safe and/or effective. If unsure, verify that it’s been approved by a consumer agency or check the credibility of the company that manufactures and endorses it.

Achieving your fitness goals takes hard work, determination, and proper guidance. If you wish to try new workout routines but don’t know where to start, book a session with our personal trainers who can customise a training programme for you!

Looking for a personal trainer online in Dublin call Bodyscene

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