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2016Mar24_WomensFitness_ASpring is here, and that means there’s no better time to add running to your exercise routine. While there are a lot of women out there who hate the mere thought of running, we know there are plenty of others on the fence about it. So if you’re teetering, don’t dismiss lacing up your sneakers and hitting the pavement just yet. Here are seven reasons to consider.

Save money

Running is free. If you have a long sleeved shirt, yoga pants or shorts, and a decent pair of sneakers, then you already have all you need to get started. Best of all, when the weather is warm, most women can simply open their front doors and start running immediately. Of course, a little stretching beforehand never hurt nobody, so limber up a little bit before bolting out the door.

Be healthier

Running provides many health benefits. It can boost your metabolism, lower your blood pressure, and improve circulation and blood flow. Even better, if you get into the routine of running, this one healthy habit will likely snowball into other areas of your life. You may be surprised to find yourself becoming more health-conscious: improving your diet, and even trying out other exercises.

Enjoy more carbs

While many women will avoid carbs in an attempt to lose weight, running provides you a great excuse to eat more of them. When you go on a long run, your muscles avoid fatigue by utilizing carbohydrates. Not only that, but these edible compounds also provide the fuel you need to keep your energy levels up so you can perform at your best. Now this doesn’t mean to go out and stuff your face with unhealthy carbs such as triple cheese pizza and donuts. Instead, try pasta, oatmeal, quinoa or a mix of fruits and veggies.

Increase your stamina

If you find yourself getting exhausted easily, running can prevent it by boosting your stamina. Whether you’re doing yard work, walking up or down the stairs, or chasing around children, a regular running habit can make all of this easier.

Buy new shoes

What lady doesn’t like buying new shoes? Well, most of us do anyway. If you develop a regular running routine, new shoes can be a godsend. They can provide much needed comfort for your knees and feet, as there will be less pain from the impact of your foot hitting the pavement, grass or dirt. Once you’ve ran a certain number of miles, treat yourself to a bright, fun pair of sneakers as motivation to keep up your habit.

Explore the outdoors

Whether you live in the city or country, running enables you to explore new areas of your neighborhood. Your options are almost limitless as you can turn down new streets or trails as you notice them. To mix it up even more, you can jump in your car and drive to a new neighborhood or park to run. And if you live in a city and are itching to check out that hot new dress you saw advertised, you can even run downtown and do some window shopping.

Support good causes

You’ve probably seen plenty of your friends post pictures on social media of the marathons they’ve completed. While to outsiders these may seem a bit odd, marathons can provide a sense of accomplishment, a chance to meet new friends, and even the opportunity to support a good cause. You’ve likely heard marathons cost money to enter (and most do) but a good portion of that money is going to support a good cause, like breast cancer or a charity.

These are just seven of the many reasons to give running a try. Whether or not you do, we encourage you to put your health first this Spring and start a regular exercise routine. If you’d like to learn about the exercise options available to you at our facilities or are curious to learn more about the benefits of running, feel free to send us a message any time.

Published with permission from FitnessAdvisory. Source.

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