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How to change your mindset and be motivated to workout

How to change your mindset

To change your life and have that fit body once for all you must master your mind and change your thinking. All of us at some point will find it hard to stay motivated and do a workout so, in what ways can we change our thinking and have a winner’s mindset at all times?

Firstly, decide what you really want whether it be to lose weight, improve fitness or build muscle mass. It is so important to know what you’re aiming for, so you can then focus on that when training.

Have a discussion with your trainer on what you want he or she will then tailor a programme for you aimed at you achieving your result.

Imagine the new future that you’ve created: How does she/he thinks, how does she/he feel, how do other people see her/him? For example, she/he must be disciplined. She/he must love herself/himself and love feeling good about herself/himself. This is also how other people will see you. Write the answers on a piece of paper and read them once a day. This will be you very soon, but you must be her/him now!!

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The truth is an athlete thinks very differently about exercising than a couch potato as the couch potato will think of every excuse not to exercise and the athlete will take every opportunity to exercise and improve themselves. The difference is all in how you think… You must want this and be committed to it. It must become part of your lifestyle not something that’s separate from you. It is who you are and something you do every week or 3 times a week etc.

It is important to slot the time in, just like you would be meeting a friend for coffee, except this is something for you and it is a treat, not a punishment, so look at it positively. Practice visualising the new you and that this has been something you’ve been doing for years.

Lastly, but most importantly, believe you can do it!! Say these affirmations every day preferably in the morning to counteract negative thoughts you may have about exercising:

“I always feel great after exercising I am so proud of myself for exercising and I always feel so confident after doing it. Exercising is a big treat for my body and my wellbeing and gives me clarity. My body will reward me with a toned fit body and it can only get better and better. I deserve to have a healthy fit body. I believe in this workout and I am going to give it 100%. This is part of my lifestyle and I love being disciplined and in control of my exercise plan. I will never give up on exercising. I know the hardest part is starting it, so I always just do it anyway. I can fit into and look good in all my clothes. I exercise for the result of feeling good”.

Look at your diary and slot the time in that suits you and call it “time out” or “me time” instead of exercise time. Buy some nice gear that you look the part in and feel good in and just do it! Draw an imaginary circle on the floor and before your workout step into the circle and feel and imagine the new fitter you that can wear anything she wants.



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