Corporate Wellness

A Healthy Workforce Equals A Healthier Business

Smart companies know that looking after productivity and profits means looking after employees. BodyScene helps businesses throughout Dublin create a healthier workforce, whether a small, close-knit team or bigger departments in a large organisation.

A healthy employee = A happier employee = A healthier &
happier business!

Why your Dublin company needs to employ BodyScene for a Corporate Wellness programme?

  • Team building and bonding
  • Less days off sick and less health insurance payments
  • Incentive benefits for individuals and teams
  • Energised employees
  • Great corporate image
  • Positive message to employees
  • Better employee confidence, clarity and concentration

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BodyScene Personal Trainers can come to your business and deliver one-on-one personal training for your key executives, or conduct a variety of fun fitness classes which cater to all ages and fitness abilities.

We can also design and organise your on-site gym to ensure it is safe, fits your company needs in the best possible way and is within budget. If you already have an in-house gym then we can supervise sessions, helping your staff make the most out of the facilities you provide.

Want to inspire your staff to work out? Why not invite BodyScene into your company to deliver one of our informative and interesting seminars on fitness and work? We can inject a real fitness drive into your business.

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