Group Personal Training

Individual Fitness Plans for Your Group!

Are you part of a group, organisation or community? Is there a group at your workplace that would love to fit in keeping fit before you leave work for the day? Personal Training not only gets you in shape but makes you feel good, adds a spring in your step and gives you clarity of thought and helps concentration.

BodyScene tailor-makes a group fitness session to suit the needs of any group, for personalised workouts - anywhere - from a workplace to a community hall.

Give your fitness a boost with Group Personal Training!
Fitness on the go!

At BodyScene we don't just bring our professional training expertise to you. We offer fitness programmes, as well as one-off sessions to a rich variety of groups across Dublin, and BodyScene is renowned for creating workouts that are energising and engaging. Just some of the sessions we promote:

  • Circuit Training
  • Body Conditioning
  • Resistance Training
  • Stretching

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