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BodyScene Online Training!

BodyScene Online Training. is our one-stop online fitness facility that offers you support and guidance through and hundreds of video workouts with step-by-step audio instructions via iOS and Android on your phone and through Android PC and your Tablet.

Online Fitness Training - Dun Laoghaire, Dalkey, Dublin

Digital Fitness On the Go! Fitness Your Way!

At BodyScene we believe in making your goal of a fitter life fit your busy lifestyle, with the perfect exercise partner to our Personal Training sessions and our Classes & Programmes. Whether you're at the studio, at home, away on a work trip, or off on holiday, BodyScene Online Training is a personalised fitness friend, anytime, anywhere.

Sign up for the Online Training app for just €4.99 a month Or add on BodyScene services for a total of €49, to include:

  • Initial Fitness Evaluation with a Personal Trainer at your home or a location of your choice.
  • Fitness test every three months at your home or a location of your choice.
  • Tailored workouts three times a week shared on your training app.
  • One 7-day meal plan, with shopping list, every month

Just some of the BodyScene Online Training features!

  • Nearly 1000 workouts & 5,000 individual exercises with images, video, audio coaching and tips!
  • Personalised workouts. Choose your fitness goals, difficulty level and your workout location for a recommended workout.
  • Create your own workout and then choose to share it through social media.
  • Exercise of the Day - classic exercises for you to try.
  • Track your stats with a graph to show changes in your weight, body fat, rested heart rate and blood pressure, as well as your body measurements.
  • Workout log - record your tracked exercises which follow cardio and strength statistics with a record of completed workouts. Post your tracked workout and progress to social media sites.
  • Online calendar with reminder system so you can schedule workouts through the Internet on your phone, PC or Tablet.
  • Much more...

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Variety is the
Spice of Fitness

Online Fitness Training - Dun Laoghaire, Dalkey, Dublin

With over 750 WORKOUTS, BodyScene Training App covers all areas of fitness with workouts for the gym, home, in a hotel and even outside. Finding the right workout is just a few taps away.

Whatever your fitness need or goal, we have a workout (or list of workouts) for you. With everything from Bodyweight to Yoga, Bootcamp to Bodybuilding, Stretching to Stability, Sports Conditioning to Cellulite Shrinker, Barbells to Dumbbells, and everything in-between, BodyScene Training App delivers.

Each Workout includes images, videos, audio coaching and text tips explaining how to perform all exercises correctly. Also included is the recommended intensity indicating the reps, sets, rest, number of circuits, time etc., the equipment required, estimated workout time and estimated calories burned for that workout.

Choose a Goal, Location and/or Text Search to get started on the workout that's right for you.

Online Fitness Training - Dun Laoghaire, Dalkey, Dublin

Share Everything

There’s never been a fitness tool like Share Workout. Now you can send & receive workouts to and from your family, friends, clients, patients –whomever you want to give guidance to.

Include your own custom exercises, intensities (reps/sets, etc.) and instructions so your friends know exactly how to perform them.

The first time your shared workout is completed by your friend, you can get a notification email log detailing exactly what was performed.

Next Workout

No need to choose a specific programme to constantly keep your workouts fresh. BodyScene Training App comes equipped with the most unique NEXT Workout intelligence that wraps all the 750+ workouts in an intuitive web of goal-oriented, similar-equipment progression of workout choices.

Online Fitness Training - Dun Laoghaire, Dalkey, Dublin

Pick any workout on your first day. When you complete, you'll get instant access in the Logs, Home and Next Workout areas for a one-tap access to being the Next Workout, or choose from a short list.

Each time you complete a Next Workout choice, another list of workouts will appear for your later sessions.