On-demand Classes for All Fitness Levels

Join our fitness community with friendly, fun and energizing exercises that are affordable, sociable and are guaranteed to motivate you to get moving and keep healthy.


bodyscene personal online training to keep fit

Shape your body, get stronger and strengthen your bones with our weight training programmes. You can use barbells or dumbbells. You can work on simply strengthening your body without gaining any extra weight on or increasing your muscle mass and lean weight. Those exhilarating exercises will focus on different parts of your body to give you a great body workout. Start at whatever level suits you and work your way up.

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Are you ready to tackle your fitness head on, with determination, hard work and motivation? If so, then body weight training gives you strength and stamina and builds your cardiovascular fitness to create a lean fat fighting machine. Prepare for a lot of pushups, squats, crunches and some original moves that challenge you to your very core. Use your body weight and increase intensity with jumping plyometric exercises and some great pumping music that really gets the adrenaline flowing and injects some great fun.

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Tones, flexible and strong, without the bulk. By working most of your muscles at the same time, Kettlebells are the ultimate strength building cardio workout. Kettlebells are dynamic, explosive exercises that work you to your core, encouraging body fat burning and adding an extra dimension to classic weight training exercises such as chest presses and flys. Give your workouts some extra muscle and feel the full power of Kettlebells.

bodyscene personal online training to keep fit

Whatever happened to donning leg warmers, headbands and leotards while busting some moves to some high-energy music? Enjoy the fun of exercising on a beat, where you can really shake your body and sweat in a fun exercise environment. Dancy workouts are a great way to boost your circulation. Coordinated, weight-free movements that don’t strain your joints, engage you while your body burns fat and gives you a cardio workout that’s every bit as effective today as it ever was.

bodyscene personal online training to keep fit

Core strength challenges the muscles responsible for your spine and trunk stability so that you can really improve your quality of life by reducing the risk of injury through movement. This is functional training at its best and by improving your balance and your ability to maintain a neutral spine while you use your arms and legs, you can improve your core strength firmly but gently. Low-impact, Core Health stretches core muscles to encourage better postural alignment, which is an integral part of maintaining balance throughout the body.

bodyscene personal online training to keep fit

Fight your way to fitness with some kicking exercises that really pack a punch. Non-contact Kick & Boxercise means you can really let rip without risk of injury and in a safe exercise class. Kickboxing is one of the most intense cardio experiences your body will ever know and lead to the victory of a toned body and flat, flab-free belly, as well as help your posture and your flexibility, especially around your hips.