BodyScene Takes Your Fitness Personally!

BodyScene Takes Your Fitness Personally!

If you find it challenging to find the time, energy or motivation to really tackle your fitness then it might be time to adopt the BodyScene philosophy…Fitness Your Way!

Here at BodyScene we believe in creating unique fitness plans especially for you, with off-site Personal Training in your own private space. We travel around Dublin and the outskirts improving fitness levels with functional training favouring good postural alignment and core strength for a lifestyle that you can truly enjoy.

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We are qualified, experienced and motivated to help individuals, through One-on-One Personal Training for all ages and fitness abilities, including shaping up for a big occasion or to deal with specific needs; specialised sessions for Group Personal Training such as community groups, as well as busy company employees through our Corporate Wellness programmes.

Our Nutritionist offers a stand-alone or complementary service to our fitness sessions, ensuring your diet works in line with your workouts and offers you the best nutritional route to a healthier lifestyle! If you have a weakness through injury BodyScene’s holistic approach to health and fitness includes a Neuromuscular Therapy service designed to ease pain and encourage greater mobility.

One-on-One Personal Training

Do you want one-on-one workout sessions especially created for you? Do you want an experienced, professional trainer to come to a location of your choice, at a time that suits you? Are you based in or around Dublin?

BodyScene delivers a personalised exercise plan specially designed to help you reach your fitness goals more efficiently and effectively. Because you get to where you want to go quicker you can save money too!

What you can expect from BodyScene One-on-One Personal Training:

  • A fitness assessment
  • Goal setting – weight loss, sports performance, greater flexibility etc. 
  • A personalised fitness strategy and action plan
  • Monitoring & feedback
  • Your own committed and focussed Personal Trainer
  • Motivation and guidance
  • Flexibility with locations and schedule

Group Personal Training

Are you part of a group, organisation or community? Is there a group at your workplace that would love to fit in keeping fit before you leave work for the day? Personal Training not only gets you in shape but makes you feel good, adds a spring in your step and gives you clarity of thought and helps concentration.

BodyScene tailor-makes a group fitness session to suit the needs of any group, for personalised workouts – anywhere – from a workplace to a community hall.

Give your fitness a boost with Group Personal Training!

Fitness on the go!

At BodyScene we don’t just bring our professional training expertise to you. We offer fitness programmes, as well as one-off sessions to a rich variety of groups across Dublin, and BodyScene is renowned for creating workouts that are energising and engaging. Just some of the sessions we promote:

  • Circuit Training
  • Body Conditioning
  • Resistance Training
  • Stretching

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Corporate Wellness

A Healthy Workforce Equals A Healthier Business

Smart companies know that looking after productivity and profits means looking after employees. BodyScene helps businesses throughout Dublin create a healthier workforce, whether a small, close-knit team or bigger departments in a large organisation.

A healthy employee = A happier employee = A healthier & happier business!

Why your Dublin company needs to employ BodyScene for a Corporate Wellness programme?

  • Team building and bonding
  • Fewer days off sick and less health insurance payments
  • Incentive benefits for individuals and teams
  • Energised employees
  • Great corporate image
  • A positive message to employees
  • Better employee confidence, clarity and concentration

Save money on your Corporate Wellness needs!

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BodyScene Personal Trainers can come to your business and deliver one-on-one personal training for your key executives, or conduct a variety of fun fitness classes which cater to all ages and fitness abilities.

We can also design and organise your on-site gym to ensure it is safe, fits your company needs in the best possible way and is within budget. If you already have an in-house gym then we can supervise sessions, helping your staff make the most out of the facilities you provide.

Want to inspire your staff to work out? Why not invite BodyScene into your company to deliver one of our informative and interesting seminars on fitness and work? We can inject a real fitness drive into your business.

Neuromuscular Therapy

Relief from aches and pains for a better quality of life!

Being able to enjoy your life means being able to move and function without pain. However, busy lives means that we really put our bodies through the mill. Modern life in Dublin today can really tax the body, whether it’s hunched up over a computer all day, or sat down for too long during the commute, not to mention the demands of home life. Even if you’re active, sports injuries can flare up time and time again. BodyScene tackles your pain through targeting painful trigger points and stimulating these knots and contracted muscles.

Neuromuscular Therapy is designed to sooth soft tissue pain by

creating a flow of oxygen to knotted, tender muscles!

Neuromuscular Therapy stimulates the skeletal muscles and nervous system so that localised pain and pain in other parts of the body are eased through massage and pressure. At BodyScene we combine Neuromuscular Therapy with sports massage techniques to enhance your movement and flexibility as well as boost your body’s natural healing neurotransmitters.

Get to the real underlying issue of your pain!

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Our Treatments include:

  • Appointments in your own home using our own massage table
  • Health screening and past-injury questionnaire
  • Functional assessment – including posture and gait analysis

BodyScene also combines the curative effects of other complementary treatments:

Dry Needling

One way of treating overly tender, painful muscle spasms, or myofascial trigger points, is with Dry Needling. Acupuncture needles are inserted directly into the muscle, rather than along meridians as in traditional acupuncture. The needles create a local twitch response in the muscles and activate a neurological response which creates biochemical changes that aim to restore muscle function.

Craniosacral Therapy

Gentle, non-invasive treatment for your whole body and your entire being. Your therapist listens to the messages the body is sending out about pain and inner-tension through the power of touch. Relief and relaxation are brought about through gentle, light touches that encourage the body to self-heal. Craniosacral Therapy is the ultimate de-stress therapy that gives you a sense of oneness when the wear and tear of a busy life are taking its toll.


An optimal nutrition can greatly influence your health status. The vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients in our food have essential roles in every cell of our bodies, and so can influence our biochemistry and physiology on a profound level.

The correct balance between carbohydrates, proteins, and fats, will support energy metabolism and stimulate growth and repair. Good nutrition will deter from engaging in negative diet and lifestyle choices that can have detrimental effects on the body.

Nutrition and lifestyle approaches to healthcare have been repeatedly shown to support the health of all the major systems in the body such as cardiovascular, digestive, immune, skeletal, muscular, nervous, respiratory, excretory, endocrine, and reproductive system.

Some of the typical priorities in a nutrition consultation are to:

  • Manage weight
  • Optimise digestion
  • Maintain healthy cholesterol levels
  • Promote tolerance to foods
  • Optimise energy levels
  • Balance blood sugar
  • Manage celiac disease or gluten sensitivity
  • Promote skin vitality
  • Optimise immunity
  • Support emotional and psychological wellbeing

The role of our nutritional therapist is to assess you to see if;

  • Your individual requirements of key nutrients are being met
  • There are any imbalances in the major systems of the body such as digestive, immune or hormonal
  • Your detoxification is working adequately or if you have a toxic load that needs clearing

Then we devise a diet and lifestyle plan suitable for your individual circumstances to achieve normal healthy function and wellbeing.

What to expect from Nutritional Therapy:

  • Detailed analysis of your dietary and nutrition intake
  • Detailed medical history is taken including current health status, symptoms and family history
  • A strategy for health – linking the symptoms to nutrition imbalances and providing support to change diet and lifestyle.
  • Action Plan – personalised, simple, sustainable advice for diet and lifestyle changes; taking into consideration your individual life situation
  • Supplement Programme – details of any recommended nutrition supplements that are sometimes required
  • The recommendation of non-invasive clinical tests if required, to help ascertain any suspected underlying conditions related to your symptoms

Siobhan Glavey

I trained with Valerie to lose weight and get in shape for my wedding, in just 10 weeks she got me the results I wanted, she provides an all round service to review diet and kept me motivated to exercise with her and on my own. I now still train with her as she was too good to let go, I’ve tried it all before, diets, gym, apps etc but this was the only time I got the results I wanted.

Silke Hattenhauer

“I started training with Valerie to improve my fitness and shape. I don’t consider myself sporty so it’s down to Valerie’s motivational skills, keeping things interesting and helping me get results that I’m still training 9 months on. I highly recommend her!”

Siobhan Bastible

“I have been training with Valerie since I broke my foot more than two years ago. Initially, I thought I’d just train with her until I recovered but she is so excellent & motivating that I decided to continue weekly strength training, and now I can’t imagine ever stopping our sessions! I cannot recommend her highly enough!”

Peter Gray

Good intentions only go so far! A programme, tailored to you, together with a gentle push, turn good intentions into a routine, and from there into results. Valerie manages to do all of this. It’s sometimes challenging, but never anything other than fun.

Mark Ryan

I started working with Valerie in October (2014) and the impact on my fitness and health has been fantastic. Valerie developed a special programme for me which has enabled me to lose 28 lbs in weight and to reach a level of fitness which I have not had for a long time. Valerie is a real professional who works with you to achieve your goals. She continues to focus you on improving and getting to the next level & then develops the next programme for your new fitness level. She does a really great job and a pleasure to work with.

Jim Flavin

In 2013 I decided to look for and try out a personal trainer. Fortunately I met Valerie and very quickly discovered that I had chosen the best for what was a new experience for me.
Firstly I discovered that regular training sessions with a PT offered many advantages. The discipline of having a commitment with a PT meant that I got all the health and well being benefits of regular exercise including in particular resistance exercise.
Secondly I discovered the importance of getting a PT with all the skills and personality to make workouts both beneficial and enjoyable.

Valerie ticks all the boxes and I unhesitatingly recommend her as a personal Trainer based on my excellent personal experience.

Peter Quinn

Working with Valerie from BodyScene for five years has brought me to fitness levels that I thought were unachievable. Impact in all areas of life is real and positive. Understanding of food makes eating interesting and you learn what is good and bad but with a bit of fun. She helps you achieve in well being whilst enjoying the exercise and focus. Helps you over the periods when you slip backwards and gets you back on positive track. Great person and fitness mate.

Terence O'Rourke

Valerie is a great personal trainer- motivator, focussed and very professional. She has been of significant help to me in improving and maintaining my fitness levels. Very happy to recommend