Fitness Evaluation offer

Whether you are a classic couch potato or dedicated to the gym, it is always worth finding out how fit you really are. A fitness assessment will inspire you to work out at a safe level, monitor your progress and set appropriate goals that will challenge and motivate you. After all, once you know your starting point, you will have a clearer idea of where you are going. BodyScene offers a comprehensive fitness evaluation covering all areas of fitness for the great price of only €20. Find out how fit you are! Book a session today!

All Fitness Programmes

The BodyScene boast is that it’s “fitness your way”, which is why we offer such a comprehensive range of programmes to really let you reach your personal goals. If you are looking to bulk up for the beach, you might want to try our body sculpting class, if you are in training for a race, aiming to be a radiant bride or simply looking to lose weight while having fun, we have a programme tailored for you. Book a programme to change your life!

Special Programmes

Our BodyScene special programmes address a wide range of needs. So, whether you are hoping to lower stress levels, recover from illness or have special needs when it comes to your health, our experts can help improve your health, both mentally and physically. We motivate you to reach success in an enjoyable and engaging way. Look at our list and see which of our special programs would benefit you. We promise they will change your life. Book a special programme for your unique needs!

Online Coaching

You might avoid classes, preferring to work out alone, or perhaps your schedule is too hectic to fit a trainer in. But in today’s connected world that’s no excuse not to exercise. BodyScene’s intensive internet-based training consists of fitness videos, audio instructions and more. We have thousands of workouts and exercises ready to download directly onto your phone or tablet via our apps. Choose from the BodyScene Fitness Builder or the BodyScene Fitness Classes apps which cost just €4.99 a month each.. Click here to join and be amazed by our online training platform! Why not take it to the next level by adding BodyScene’s Services? For €49 per month* you’ll also get a fitness evaluation, tailored workouts, meal plans and a regular fitness test to make sure you’re on the right track. You’re already online so click here and get your very own pocket gym now! *yearly contract

  • BodyScene Fitness Builder App.
    Tap your way to better health with BodyScene apps. Whether you’re in the office, on a trip, taking a holiday or have a spare hour at home, your BodyScene Fitness Builder app can be used on your phone, tablet or laptop, so you’ve no reason to miss a workout. Get it for only €4.99 today. Download the BodyScene apps and tap into a better way to live
  • BodyScene Fitness Classes App.
    If you want to enjoy fitness classes outside your BodyScene training sessions, our BodyScene Fitness Classes app will give you some ideas with its fun workouts that take in everything from yoga to bodybuilding. Coaching tips and videos guide you through the training and show you how to work out safely and effectively. Just imagine - a personal trainer in your pocket for only €4.99! Download the BodyScene apps and tap into a better way to live

Class Passes

If you’ve tried our services and found them to be life-changing and can’t get enough, make your life a little easier and save some money by buying one of our Class Passes – available in packages of 10, 30 or 60 classes. This means you can plan your fitness goals long term. Book class passes and be fit for life! You can attend any of our classes such as Aerobics, Kettlebells, Circuits, Bootcamps, Core Health, Kick & Boxercise and Yogacise and at any of our locations. Class Pass 10(10 group classes of your choice at any location)- €99 (€10 per class) Class Pass 30 classes (30 group classes of your choice at any location) - €240 (€8 per class) Class Pass 60 classes (60 group classes of your choice at any location) - €359 (€6 per class)