You Must Have This to Lead a Great Life

Self-esteem is characterised by how you feel about yourself in general. When we have low self- esteem it can limit us from living a great life. With low self-esteem we accept low standards in our relationships, our jobs and our life in general. We may suffer from social anxiety and worry what others think of us.

Avoiding the “New Year” mistakes

Like almost everyone else right now, you are probably still a little bloated from Quality Street (especially the nice purple ones of which there are never enough, you know the ones) and turkey sandwiches. You’re probably craving any vegetable that isn’t a brussel sprout.

5 ways to maximise your exercise!

We all like to think that we are getting the most out of our efforts- and this is probably as true in relation to physical activity and exercise as to any other aspect of our lives...perhaps even more so.

Unfortunately, it can be easy to fall into the trap of working hard in our training without necessarily getting the benefits.

What is stress and what you can do to manage it

Stress, if harnessed properly, can be of great assistance, but if you lose control, the effects of stress can easily become your worst enemy. Stress is known to affect all systems in the human body by influencing a large array of functions through its effect on chemical messengers like cytokines.