Food addiction is a real addiction, unlike drugs and alcohol abuse it is not seen as near as a problem of alcohol or drugs but left untreated can result in mental, emotional, and physical health issues which can affect the quality of your life, your health and your mobility.

My 3 Stones Weight Loss Story with BodyScene

I gave birth to my first daughter in September 2017, it was the most incredible thing I had ever done, and I was beyond delighted that I had a beautiful healthy little baby girl!

Despite starting my pregnancy off eating healthily and trying to incorporate exercise into my daily routine, my weight kept creeping up.

Supplements: Do they work?

I was in two minds whether to choose the subject of food supplements as a topic for this blog post, if I’m being honest.

The reason being that the vast majority of recreational trainees (people who are not competitive athletes, basically) would probably benefit far, far more from improving the quality and duration of their sleep and making sure they eat proper, nutritious single-ingredient foods than using any food supplement.

How can I stop overeating??!

The main reason we overeat is due to emotional eating. Other factors can include lack of education on the right foods to eat and unconscious eating. So, let’s get back to basics and look at why we overeat.

What is emotional eating/hunger?

Emotional eating is when we turn to food to deal with a stressful situation or ease negative emotions like sadness, boredom and even loneliness.